Financial Information

Payment Policy: Your Path to Quality Dental Care

At Tavistock Dental, your premier Dentist in Tavistock, Ontario, our commitment is to ensure you receive the highest quality care. To maintain our standard of excellence, payment is due at the time of treatment.

We offer various payment options, including cash, cheques, debit, Mastercard, and Visa. If you are covered by a dental insurance plan, rest assured, we are here to assist. Our team will gladly handle the filing of your insurance forms, making the process seamless for you.

Insurance Information: Partnering in Your Oral Health Journey

Dental insurance plans play a vital role in assisting patients with their dental treatment costs. However, it’s crucial to note that not all treatments are eligible for full reimbursement. As a partner in your oral health, you, along with your dental professional, make treatment decisions based on your actual needs, separate from your dental plan coverage.

To streamline the insurance process, kindly provide our office with your group and identification number, along with details regarding limits and benefit coverage. We believe in transparency and will present you with information on available treatment options that best address your dental care needs, regardless of the extent of your dental plan coverage.

In cases where additional information is required by your plan administrator, we are here to assist. If requested, the plan administrator will write to you, asking you to obtain the necessary details from your dentist. We are committed to supplying any information you need promptly.

Please note that, as per “The Privacy Act” in Canada, many dental insurance companies only provide specific coverage details to those covered under the plan. Therefore, we recommend that the primary plan member acquire plan coverage information before visiting our office.

At Tavistock Dental, your trusted Family Dentist, our payment and insurance policies are designed with your convenience and well-being in mind. Partner with us for your dental care needs, and experience the Tavistock Dental difference in personalized, exceptional care.