IV Sedation

IV Sedation Dentistry, also known as Sleep Dentistry or Conscious Sedation Dentistry, is a very safe and effective way to relieve anxiety associated with being at the dentist. Small incremental doses of relaxation medicine are given until you are completely relaxed and will have virtually no memory of the procedure. We offer IV Sedation right here at Tavistock Dental. No need to be referred out of town for treatment.


IV Sedation Dentistry is an excellent treatment for many different types of people and situations. Here are just a few examples of who it is good for:

  • Patients who have "dental phobia" and have avoided the dentist for many years, but need to have a procedure done.
  • Patients undergoing certain surgical procedures such as wisdom teeth removal, dental implants, or extractions.
  • Patients with a bad gag reflex that would otherwise not be able to tolerate a dental procedure.
  • Patients with complex medical problems, disabilities, very sensitive teeth, or difficulty getting numb.


Small amounts of medication are given through an IV line to produce a state of complete relaxation. You will have virtually no memory of the procedure and will feel no pain. Conscious sedation is preferred in dentistry because you are able to respond to verbal commands such as "open your mouth" or "close your mouth" and you are able to breath and swallow just like normal. Throughout the procedure, you will be connected to a state-of-the-art monitor that will continuously assess your vital signs such as breathing, oxygenation (pulse oximetry), heart rhythms (EKG or ECG), and blood pressure, all of which help ensure a completely safe procedure."